Payment Method


GADGET LOGISTICS accepts only Cash Deposit and Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) as valid form of payment. Due to high rate of theft and fraudulent activities, we do not offer cash on delivery (COD), No item can be taken from the store without payment confirmation. In which event, you must make payment within 48 HOURS of placing your order, and the company will not execute the order until we receive a confirmation i.e. a proof of payment that payment has been made.



As soon as Order is placed, a Proforma invoice will be issued to you by Accounts "" which will include our banking details.

If Paying with a different bank kindly use immediate banking option in order to speed up your order Process.

Proof of payment

If you’ve forgotten to add your Order Number or for any other reason, need to send us proof of your payment, please:

Email it to:

Fax it to: 086 435 7538


You are entitled to cancel your order for the Goods, without penalty, within 7 days of the Goods having been delivered to you.

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Purchasing Online is Convenient and Saves Time.

Purchasing Online is Safe and Secure.

Purchasing Online Lets You Stay in Control.

Purchasing Online Makes Record Keeping a Snap.

Save You Money and Help the Environment.